Hip hop abs in review – the bad and the ugly

I started hiphop abs yesterday. I was expecting a vigorous exercise programme focusing on my abs however it turned out to be an exercise program (I’m using the word exercise very loosely) that teaches geriatrics how to dance to Β very melancholic pop music beats. It was beyond ridiculous!!!!!😐😐😐😷😷😷😷. I protested and we decided to revert back to insanity max 30. I need to become a size 8 and I’m struggling to see how hiphop abs will help me achieve my goals. There wasn’t a bead of sweat on my body by the end of yesterday’s session. I just can’t take Sean T serious when he’s wearing dance clothes from the early 90s whilst performing the campest versions of hip hop dance moves (did i mention that I’m using the word hiphop loosely?) . Having previously completed the original version of insanity & insanity max 30 consecutively; hip hop abs cannot be remotely considered as an exercise programme. I would not recommend hiphop abs to my worst enemy,it was torturous.


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