PT: Day 4

Monday’s session was very testing on my body. The session started off with some F.I.T training it involved alternating between sprinting and jogging sporadically. I had to use building blocks as weights ( apparently my 2kg dumbbells were not heavy enough😑😑😑). He taught me various ways to incorporate weights into abs exercises. We ended with a boxing session. I’m beginning to really enjoy boxing. My left hand is in paralysis at the moment . Tonight’s session will involve real weights (barbells etc). I’m looking forward to it yipeeee!!!


Personal training- Day 3

Yesterday’s session was fireee!!!! I’ve been doing insanity & insanity max for about 7 months this year but I still struggle doing basic moves with my trainer.When i was doing insanity, I didn’t have anyone checking my form to ensure that I was doing each movement correctly  .Three things I’ve learnt since getting a personal trainer.

  • Proper form is vital because it ensures that the right muscles are being engaged and targeted
  • Proper form reduces the risk of injury
  • Breathing properly whilst exercising is very crucial.

We focused on my arms/glutes/arms

My second session with Josiah was on Wednesday. Since Monday’s session, everytime I try to stretch my uppet body I feel pain in different parts of my abs and my shoulders. This is definitely a good sign. Josiah asked me to send him a picture of the type of body I want.

This is how I want to look in a swimsuit. I know that this body wasn’t achieved in 12 weeks but I do also know that her body is still “au natural”. Josiah had initially promised to do 30 minutes sessions for the first week but a girl has serious goals so we need to step it up. Our sessions are now for an hour yikes🙈🙈. It was definitely an hour of torture and Josiah isn’t friendly. He’s a dictator but I know its for my own good. We did a variety of movements but our focus was on the abs/ biceps/triceps/glutes.

I still have a long way to go. Josiah has given me a diet plan that I’ll be following. It’s a protein laden diet this will help to build muscles. December body here I come.

Operation Xmas body has been launched

I’ve been exercising sporadically this whole year. I haven’t achieved my desired results but I’ve managed to maintain a certain size and that’s an achievement on its own. However maintaining a dress size 10 wasn’t the goal; the goal was to be a size 8/10. My eating habits have been extremely problematic. I am a “foodienne” and I’m struggling to shake off the addiction. Anyway I have a personal trainer now  yesterday was our first day. We did a variety of exercises  ( kickboxing, squats,sprints) we even incorporated resistance bands. I enjoyed yesterday’s session even though it was torturous. I woke feeling pains all over my body. We’re starting with three sessions a week so I’m going to be jogging on the other days. I need to start cooking and meal prepping to ensure that I always have healthy meals at hand.

Long time, no see

It’s been months since i posted anything. I’ve been lazy and ashamed of myself. Ever since I went on holiday to Dubai I’ve been struggling to get back into the swing of things. I was motivated earlier in the year because I had a definite goal in mind ( my birthday trip to Dubai). When I came back from this holiday I lost all my momentum and I have continually destructively spiralled down a path of binge eating. I spent the first few weeks of July trying to avoid my daily insanity max sessions. I put on weight and I was disgusted with my self however I continued to binge eat everything within a 5m radius🙈🙈🙈🙈. The last two weeks have been better I’m beginning to gather momentum. I’m still trying to stop eating at night. I have been attending my insanity max sessions religiously but my dedication levels are still a work in progress.

I’m starting a new eating plan it’s called the 28 day reset challenge. A few of my insanity buddies started two weeks ago but I needed more time🙈🙈🙈.

There are 5 main rules

No dairy

No alcohol

No added sugar

No processed food

No gluten


Tnis was taken yesterday and we’ll take another at the end of the 28 days.

Hip hop abs in review – the bad and the ugly

I started hiphop abs yesterday. I was expecting a vigorous exercise programme focusing on my abs however it turned out to be an exercise program (I’m using the word exercise very loosely) that teaches geriatrics how to dance to  very melancholic pop music beats. It was beyond ridiculous!!!!!😐😐😐😷😷😷😷. I protested and we decided to revert back to insanity max 30. I need to become a size 8 and I’m struggling to see how hiphop abs will help me achieve my goals. There wasn’t a bead of sweat on my body by the end of yesterday’s session. I just can’t take Sean T serious when he’s wearing dance clothes from the early 90s whilst performing the campest versions of hip hop dance moves (did i mention that I’m using the word hiphop loosely?) . Having previously completed the original version of insanity & insanity max 30 consecutively; hip hop abs cannot be remotely considered as an exercise programme. I would not recommend hiphop abs to my worst enemy,it was torturous.


I completed the insanity max 30 programme today and I’m extremely proud of myself.


I’m not sure about having achieved any weight loss . I’ll do my measurements tomorrow to determine whether or not I’ve lost inches. However i’m beginning to fall in love with my naked body. I’ll be posting a few pictures which highlight my body’s journey. The most recent pictures are at the top. I’m apologising in advance for the quality of the pictures  ( my 7 year old took them)

I still have a long way to go so I’m remaining focused on my body goals. I’m going to be doing insanity at home from henceforth. My abs still require a lot of attention in order to develop. I’ll be starting hiphop abs in approximately 2 weeks yippee 🤸🤸🤸🤸🤸.










Last days are dangerous

Tomorrow will be my last day of insanity max 30 and after 2 months of intense exercise I’m still yet to develop any discipline when it comes to my eating habits. I dread to think of the weight i could gain during my insanity break. I completed another session insanity max 30 and I thoroughly enjoyed today’s session of max out strength.

The final round

We’re finally in the final week of insanity max 30 and I’m not sure how I feel about it. On one hand I’m glad that Shaun T’s torturous reign is coming to an end but on the other hand I’m worried that I’ll crawl back into bad habits and undo all the hard work . I started this week on a high,I sailed through Mondays session of insanity max 30. Yesterday’s session was lacklustre. Today was a mixture of lacklustre and energetic. My eating habits have been fluctuating between good and slightly bad 🙈🙈🙈. I decided to readjust my bodygoals this weekend. My initial plan was to become a perfect 100 but I’ve decided to up the ante and work towards becoming a size 8 …

Oops I just remembered that It wouldn’t be my last week of insanity max 30 because I missed a week in between so I’ll be making it up next week😥😥😥😥😥. My body is tired…Shaun T has pushed my body to its full capacity and I can feel it.


Digging deeper

I’ve made better eating choices today and my body feels much lighter and I’m feeling great. I started off the day with a pineapple/beetroot/grape/mango/spinach/carrot smoothie.

I discovered a new salad joint and I loved the salad i had today.

This is called Accra Hustle- Wheatpasta/avocado/tomatoes/lettuce/cucumber 

Today’s session of insanity max 30 was max out strength . It was ridiculously hard to follow but I had to keep moving even when my body was trying to give up on me. I had to focus on the results I’m hoping to achieve. This stomach must disappear!!!

What being #MaxedOut looks like

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