But did you die?

Based on my title you already know that Day 3 of insanity Max nearly killed me. My heart nearly jumped out of my chest. It was everything that can induce death in someone. A friend of mine mentioned that she was convinced that Shaun T wanted her dead in Insanity Max 30 and I will have to agree CHAiiiiii!!! As soon as i finish struggling through a certain move whilst panting like a dog , Shaun T moves on to a harder move.. Does he know I’m asthmatic??

Whilst doing my first round of insanity I avoided the Power Jumps like a plague.( meaning I never did any power jumps). I attempted a few yesterday yippeee. I’ll keep trying because I need to see results at the end of the 60 days. There was a 20 second break approximately every 8 minutes.. the 20 seconds are not even enough to sip water whilst trying to catch your breath. I maxxed out at 7:26 minutes which was an improvement on my day 2 max out time.

I had the same smoothie for breakfast – Cucumber, lettuce, carrot & pineapple

I bet she doesn’t eat gizzard stew with rice for lunch..

Lunch was rice and gizzard stew

From henceforth I’m not going to be consuming any carbs after 1pm (SO HELP ME GOD)

I saw a few people who hadn’t seen me since February and they told me I’d lost weight yippee.. They saw me just before I started my first round of insanity .

By December 2017 , my body should be on fire ..

I know she has been working out for over 3 years but a girl can dream right!!



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